Lindsay’s slumber party

To celebrate Lindsay’s 9th birthday, she invited a few friends to spend the night. They were all so sweet, super manners and friendly (and chatty). They played outside, crafted, wrote mad libs and watched the Enchanted movie. 

The next morning her friend Olivia sang her Hsppy Birthday at breakfast. They had chocolate chip pancakes and played outside with chalk. 

Happy Birthday, Lindsay! ????????????????

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Lindsay’s family birthday dinner

Day two (of three) of the celebrating. Lindsay requested filet and sous vide carrots. No joke. 

She’s so lucky to have loving family to come spend time celebrating her special day (week???) 

BTW – Most amazing cupcakes from meijer. Totally random.

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Lindsay is nine years old today!

Lindsay Bear is NINE! She’s an emotional, incredibly sweet and joyful human. She has a heart of gold and loves to play piece maker. Some other Lindsay lately:

  • She loves to make plan and make lists
  • She asks questions, thinks through responses and once she better understands she replies, “makes sense”. 
  • She LOVES to read. Her favorites this past year have been Land of Stories series, Sweet Valley Twins, and anything that reads like a comic (the trendy books right now)
  • Her laugh is infectious 
  • She’s grown! Lindsay is noticibly taller 
  • She loves her legos, building and playing pretend. I love that she’s not too old to play with her dolls 
  • Her adult teeth are coming in remarkably straight. We shall see if it lasts! 
  • She loves music, writing songs (making lists) 
  • She’s extremely good at picking up on social cues. She understand sarcasm and is trying so hard to input it into her communication, but it’s still a work in process 
  • Lindsay loves to play outside, dig in the sand, catch live creatures in the lake, dive in the pool and play with her friends. She likes Shopkins, American girl, drawing, her friends (Sofie’s and Lizzie).
  • She does her own hair and always wants help picking out an outfit for the next day 
  • Her dance passion is growing and she attended her first competition team class this evening. Yay minis! 
  • And we’d say she’s SASSY, but tonight we are only remembering the good things (per Lindsay). 

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Mommy-Daughter morning 

Hair salon and an early lunch. Here we are looking lovely with our fresh ‘do’s 

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4th of July at the lake 

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She just loves it. It does not come naturally. She destroyed her lunch. No regrets. 

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Robot Garage 

The kids spent the week at Robot Garage camp, video game programming. Lindsay was the only girl in her class. They LOVED the activities and the counsekors. They had so much fun experiencing something new and challenging. 


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Life hack – strawberries 

Lindsay always comes up with the most creative ideas and brings them to life. Today was a strawberry life hack. It worked! But she still won’t eat them…. 

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Dance recital 2017 

I ???? NY was the theme this year. 

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Last day of school! 

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