First day of school – 2016

Lindsay is a 3rd grader! Wow – that’s just crazy to think about. My girl is on the big-kid side of the school. Her teacher is Mrs. Bush. She was very excited for her first day.¬†Lindsay INSISTED she get a new dress because her friends had seen all of her old ones. She selected a very¬†fun dress which she said would be very popular because of the characters. She also wanted her hair curled in ringlets like it was for the LifeTime Fashion Show this summer. Finally, she had me paint her nails a very pretty red and she put on lipgloss and her Prada Candy perfume. DIVA! She looked beautiful and extremely happy.

I’m so thrilled to watch this year unfold. It’ll be full of lots of new adventures and Lindsay is capable of tackling them all!

IMG_9354 IMG_9417 (1) IMG_9344 IMG_9387 IMG_9414


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