Lindsay is 7 years old today


  • She’s lost FOUR teeth and there is no sign of the front two… Maybe Christmas??
  • She loves to help. She enjoys doing chores around the house if she thinks she’s contributing to our home. For her party she continued to ask for ways to help, washing chairs, sorting party favors.
  • She’s almost mastered a cartwheel and sometimes (accidentally) a round-off!
  • Her conversations and vocabulary are increasingly more mature. Actually, very noticeable advances in the past month or two.
  • She told me just the other night that her tastes are changing.
  • Lindsay continues to have mad social skills.
  • She likes Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.
  • She is a worrier, she gets it naturally from her mom
  • She continues to enjoy staying up late and Jammin’ in her bedroom.
  • She knows what she wants in life and isn’t afraid to ask for it – and typically her boldness gets her exactly what she wants from this world.
  • She’s been demanding more one on one time with mom lately and I love the time we spend together.
  • She doesn’t love getting her picture taken
  • She LOVES to chat, ask questions (“But Mumma, one more question”), and tell stories.
  • Her reading is getting stronger all the time and she seems to love reading chapter books.
  • Science and social studies are her favorite subjects in school.
  • She’s compassionate and sensitive.
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