Sibling love

It’s been 11 glorious days of sister-brother QT. Spring Break ends tomorrow at bedtime, but it was definitely time well spent chillaxing with family and friends. The kids have independently moved their bedtime back an hour (9 PM), encouraged each other to swim better through fierce competition, spent over an hour and a half in the bathtub playing make believeĀ (last week they weren’t taking baths anymore and certainly not getting along when we forced them in there together), and lots of other random memories that I cannot recall this close to the end of my day.

Poor Christopher had a rough week:

  • Thought he was drowning at the Aquatic Center (he could stand up the water was so shallow)
  • Was cut and bleeding after his hair cut
  • Puked on the ride up north
  • Was about an inch too short to ride the big-slides at the Wolf Lodge (but miraculously grew an inch overnight so he could ride the next day)

And let’s not forget this quality quote Chris and I just overheard in-between Frozen ballads:

Lindsay:You’re the greatest, but I’m just a little bit better.”

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