Lindsay is 6 years old today!



Lindsay is 6 years old! Some Lindsay lately:

  • She’s grown! She’s still the smallest in her class, but definitely grew some height this year
  • She’s absolutely the most social person I’ve ever met – she makes friends everywhere!
  • She recently decided she likes shrimp and hamburgers
  • She loves to play outside, in the dirt and sun! Wearing her pink cowgirl boots and a dress!
  • She’s really strong in math, but science seems to be her favorite subject in school
  • She’s completely messy – her room looks like a hurricane went through most days
  • She is NOT a morning person
  • She still crosses her eyes and sticks out her tongue to concentrate
  • She is a happy, happy, happy person!
  • She sings and hums all of the time, often to put herself to sleep
  • She struggles with reading
  • She’s almost taught herself how to do a cartwheel
  • She continues to love dresses and all things fancy!
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