Step Outside the Box!

Have I mentioned lately how great Lindsay’s group of friends happens to be? She (and I) have been so incredibly lucky with the girls she’s met this year (and their Mommy’s). They are constantly doing activities and last night was so one of the best so far! It was GiGi’s birthday and they celebrated at “Step Outside the Box” in Clawson…the cutest girliest shop of all time. The girls wore their princess dresses, got their hair done, nails, made a craft, SANG their hearts out to their favorite songs and consumed copious amounts of sugar. Lindsay was particularly fond of the signing, moving her shoulders and grinning ear-to-ear.


I was going to let me helicopter mom needs go for the night, but the party was so much fun, I couldn’t imagine now watching Lindsay smile and laugh all night. Seriously – was an evening to remember.  Watch the fun!

IMG_5080                      IMG_5025

With the birthday girl!


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