Warning – this is a Mommy hijacking post!

I’m writing a reminder to the emotions and development I’ve experienced as a mother the past few months. My sweet and independent girl is 5 years old and in Kindergarten. It’s a new school, new friends and new routine for our entire house to experience. I’ve been significantly proud of Lindsay’s ability to transition so smoothly into her big-girl role. She’s absolutely thriving in school, loves her teachers, has tons of friends and genuinely knows most of the school from K-5, along with many parents! Enrolling her in Daisy’s has turned out to be a super treat, as she’s further developed friendships and the moms in her troop are an awesome group of women. It’s so nice to have them supporting my daughter an enabler her to develop friendships and skills that will follow her through her life!

The largest challenge for me has been to let go. I didn’t consider myself a “helicopter mom”, but I’ve always had control over where Lindsay is at all times and who she interacts with. Now she’s been asked to go on playdates without her mom (GASP!), riding in cars with other adults without her mom (DOUBLE gasp!) and having enough friends and freedom to develop real relationships based on similar interests and desires. It’s been SO HARD to willingly let Lindsay go – I’ve definitely had my moments when I questioned whether to let her grow up or find a way to keep her home. For each new experience, I’ve found myself letting her grow, but the fear still sits in my heart that this is the first sign that she won’t always need her mommy. I’m so proud of her for fearless pursuit of independence and experiencing all things she enjoys. I’m sure we’ll both continue to grow, but I’ll always be around for my sweet Lindsay Marie <3

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