Lindsay’s first play date!

Another first for our social butterfly! Lindsay was invited for a play date at her friend Lizzy’s house during Christmas vacation. She went BY HERSELF (Mommy heart attack!!) for about 3 hours and had the most wonderful time! They played sisters and cashier, along with Palace Pets. Lizzy was even sweet enough to give Lindsay a Rudolph necklace. Literally, Lindsay beamed all night with excitement as she recounted the events of her day 🙂


Lizzy is in her Kindergarten class and the girls are in Daisy’s together. Lizzy’s mom (Mrs. Cook) is one of the Daisy “teachers” as Lindsay likes to call her, so I’ve been able to get to know her well.

It was obviously much more of a big deal for Mommy than for Lindsay, but I’m so proud of how outgoing my little girl is! She certainly has quite the social calendar!

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