Lindsay’s vacation

Lindsay spent a week up at the cottage recently with just Grandma and Kaylee. I’m pretty sure she missed us, but you couldn’t tell based on all of the fun she was having! She did SO many cool activities while she was up at the lake:

  • Played in the lake – Lindsay’s ABSOLUTE favorite thing to do with her time
  • Went to the movies – 2x! Saw Despicable Me 2 and Turbo
  • Played in the pool
  • Went shopping for new books, socks, bathing suit and clothes (spoiled thing!)
  • Painted her nails
  • With Great Aunt Sarah
    • Went horseback riding
    • Went to the nail salon for the first time (got a mani AND a PEDI
    • Went to the dollar store
    • Went to the farmers market

I’m so proud of her for travelling away from home for 11 days! Definitely the longer Lindsay has been away from her family. I’m sure she’s already to go back! 🙂

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