Happy Halloween!

What a day! Lindsay’s been sick with a fever the past few days, but was finally feeling well enough to go out trick-or-treating this evening (not much of a surprise there!). We were invited to our neighbors house for pizza and playtime, prior to going candy begging. It was great! There are many kids in the neighborhood who are all the same age group. These particular neighbors have two boys that fall into the same grades as Lindsay and Christopher so they will go to school together until high school graduation! That makes me SO HAPPY because I want my children to have memories of playing in the neighborhood, growing up together and just enjoying their home.

We only made it the length of the street and back before Lindsay was ready to return home. I think she was still feeling a bit under the weather and this was by far the coldest Halloween we’ve experienced since before Lindsay was born…remember her first Halloween? It was BEAUTIFUL out and warm too. Perfect for a little bundle of wonder  bread 🙂

Happy Halloween!

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