Capturing the end of 2011

There are quite a few Lindsay things that I didn’t get around to posting in the last few days of 2011.

1. Computer Lindsay

She loves watching U Tube videos and playing games on sites such as

2. Curly Lindsay

Santa left some foam curlers in Lindsay’s stocking this year, and so we used them while Mommy was home for break.

Lindsay did great and left all of the curlers in all night long…she looked very sleep deprived in the morning. Apparently beauty has its cost. She had crazy curly hair when we took the curlers out in the morning.

She reminded me of Curly Sue:

3. Puzzle Lindsay

The proudest moment was when Lindsay took an interest in doing Christopher’s new Disney puzzles. In all honesty, I didn’t have much hope; however my Lindsay Bear surprised me! She did puzzle after puzzle without assistance! It’s like something just clicked inside her brain. It was amazing to watch her recognize how the pieces fit together and what images matched.

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