Angry Mommy

Tonight was NOT a fun Mommy night.

Crabby kids, argumentative kids, kids that refused to even try their dinner, kids that pretend they don’t know their letters and numbers, kids that don’t share, kids that throw fits and say, “I’m being silly.” Agh! Not a fun Mommy night. It was an early bedtime for both kids and I think I’ll be hitting the sheets very shortly. However, I realized something when I went to love on my sweet sleeping little girl: the past two Monday’s have been miserable. My poor children deserve some credit for the long days they put in – they spend more hours at school than I physically spend at work. Add a long commute and too long in between feedings, and you get crabby children. This is parenting 101. Top that by following a two day break (i.e. the weekend) filled with playtime and parent time and you get “not a fun Mommy night.” I need to have lower expectations on Mondays. I think we’ll all be happier!

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