Lindsay is funny!

Two things on this topic:

1. Lindsay has started telling jokes. About a week ago she started asking me a question, but I would tell her intent was a joke. She couldn’t remember the punchline and I didn’t know the joke. Later in the week I picked up one of her worksheets from school and it had the complete joke. Then Lindsay started telling the entire joke (she tells both lines without waiting for you to determine the punchline):

  • Why didn’t the Turkey finish his dessert?
  • He was stuffed! (I laugh extra loud at her jokes and she thinks she’s hilarious…and rightfully so).

Lindsay also tells a joke about “Pete” and “Re-Pete”. Funny stuff!

2. Tonight I was explaining that we will see Larry (Uncle Dave’s Daddy) at Thanksgiving tomorrow, but it is a different “Mr. Larry”, not the one from school. And she responds with, “Mr. Larry wears Shirt-Jackets”. This is super funny because the guy wears about 3 different shirts every week and they are all “jacket-like”. My little fashionista 🙂

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