My daughter is officially potty trained!

Hooray! What a great day! Lindsay has gone to school three days in a row with no accidents. Today she was allowed to wear big-girl underwear for the first time. She made it through the day successfully and she was soooooo proud of herself. Mommy and Daddy are so proud of her too!

All week she has been receiving awards from Ms. Deborah, lots of stickers and LOTS of praise. The attention has made a huge impact on Lindsay and she finally seems to have figured it out. I couldn’t be more proud of my little girl! I was ready to cry yesterday when I picked her up from school and learned she made it a second day without wetting her diaper.

Today I brought her some pretty pink carnations to celebrate her successful week. She beamed and was very appreciative of her reward. We later went to Toy R Us and Lindsay picked out a fluffy white puppy dog as her BIG reward. She certainly deserves it after showing us repeatedly that she is able and willing to use the potty all of the time. Thank you Lindsay Bear!

Good Job Lindsay Marie – Mommy and Daddy are INCREDIBLY proud of your big-girl behavior.


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