Lindsay’s Second Thanksgiving

What a wonderful family day! Mommy and Daddy went out last night so we spent the morning sleeping in…oops! (But really is 9:30 AM sleeping in?). We then spent the morning watching the parade and bumming around the house. For Turkey dinner we went to Aunt Meghan and Uncle Dave’s (Thank you for doing all of the cooking and cleaning!). Lindsay got to taste the fun Thanksgiving spread for the first time – she LOVED the stuffing and pumpkin pie! She had a very full belly to prove it 🙂 She had a great time being the absolute center of attention, especially with Grandpa and Uncle Dave. She was a very good girl the entire time, and even came home and went right to bed (probably b/c she was crashing from her sugar buzz). I can’t wait until next Thanksgiving when I will have two little turkey’s running around and playing with one another.






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