She’s getting smarter everyday!

So we may just have the smartest little girl in the world. Tonight I told her to get the dog and she brought me her little dog toy. Next I said get the ball and she got the ball. She did the same with Dave (her Harley Davidson Pig). When she stunk I asked her if she pottied and needed her butt changed. She went to the closest and tried to open it (where the diapers are kept…again I hope it’s a sign of potty training gone easy). Finally, I said something about night-night and she went to her crib and was touching the bumper. SO FREAKIN’ smart. Oh – and in the tub I told her she was going to have to get out if she didn’t sit and she sat right down and when she stood again and I said okay, bath time is over and started to drain the water she sat down again. Seriously! So Smart!

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